What is Dynamic Simulation Training?

Dynamic Simulation Training is a training methodology that provides learners with a lived experience through participation in a simulated scenario. CWG uses live actors to create a realistic simulation of a dynamic situation that the learners must be prepared to deal with in their own workplace. Before the simulated scenario begins, the instructor will provide the learners with specific information and the context of the situation they will be entering into. Once the simulation begins, the learners will navigate the scenario using the training and tactics that were developed during the preceding portion of the training program. The instructor will assist the learners by coaching them through the scenario to ensure the most successful outcome possible.

Because Dynamic Simulation Training provides the learners with a lived experience, comprehension and retention of the information present during the training are increased significantly. Following the simulation, the instructor will lead a group debrief based on our “REaCT Principles”. During the debrief, the learners that participated in the scenario, and the learners that observed it, will articulate their decisions using the “Think, Act, Explain” Model. This group discussion develops critical thinking and articulation skills preparing the learners for a real-world incident and the events that follow.

The Dynamic Simulation Training scenarios developed by CWG are based on real incidents that have occurred in our customers’ place of business. CWG is ready to work with you to develop a customized program for you and your team so you are ready to deal with an emergency situation, as well as the day to day challenges that your company faces.

We look forward to tailoring training for your team