“Since we had the REaCT training in Aug 2019, we have not had a single injury as a result of violence in the workplace involving a shoplifter.”

District Asset Protection Manager

“I had recalled back to our REACT training specifically on de-escalation and treating individuals in this situation with respect. After talking with him for a while and gaining some rapport with him I explained why he couldn’t sleep in the store, but I was willing to call the DOAP team to get him a ride somewhere to sleep for the night. I also made a compromise that he could wait for his ride inside the vestibule so he wasn’t waiting out in the cold. He responded well to the plan I proposed and honoured it until he was picked up by the DOAP team.”

Asset Protection Representative

“The seminar you and your group ran was absolutely phenomenal and so beneficial. I just wanted to touch base and say thank you so much for the tips and tricks!”

Canadian Certified Pedorthist

“As we discussed the training was extremely beneficial. The realistic scenarios as well as the changing responses based on the responder’s actions was extremely beneficial. Having the situation play out for the negative or positive was a great learning experience. The training overall was exceptional and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the industry.”

Campus Security

“I thought the training was a 10 out of 10.  Very well done, very informative and the scenarios were very realistic.  Nice to have the time after for discussion as well after the scenarios. It just felt very safe and an engaging environment to participate, observe and learn.”

Campus Security

“Scenario based training in a safe, supportive environment will help to make decisions in real-life situations”

Asset Protection Representative

“J’ai tres apprecie le formation, vous avez tres bonne equipe”

(I very much appreciated the training. You have a very good team)

Asset Protection Representative

“When you work with the public, I have quickly learned that you need to be prepared for all types of behaviours.  Having worked in the private sector for more than 25 years, it was an adjustment to make a transition to the public sector.  In my work, we are dealing with people who are on their best behavior; however, a portion of people with who we work have ulterior motives and others with varying degrees of mental health challenges.

I had the fortunate opportunity to attend a full day training session with CWG Consulting Group Inc.  Going into this session, I was not sure what to expect.  The CWG team were professional, empathetic and responsive to the uniqueness of public interactions.  They provided a mix of approaches in de-escalation techniques; proactive and reactive.  I truly appreciated the experimental live simulations of different scenarios.  It provided our team with the opportunity to act out and watch how others would act in a given public encounter.  Both my staff and I walked away from the training session with greater awareness of how to proactively judge public situations to ensure the best outcomes.”

Constituency Manager

We look forward to tailoring training for your team