We all have a story…

What we do

Our Vision

CWG believes in creating a safer environment for individuals and the companies they work for.

Our team believes that everyone can learn and be taught the necessary skills to overcome high stress and potentially harmful situations.

We believe in the development of people through training, education and the inspiration of their own unique personal skills and abilities to help them grow as individuals.

CWG believes in finding peaceful resolutions first and foremost through listening, communication and empathy.

Our Mission

Our goal is to use comprehensive, intense and realistic simulation training to prepare individuals and their companies for the challenging situations that they face on a daily basis. CWG gives you the strategies you need to protect yourself and your brand.

Our team will formulate the tactics and training you need to de-escalate challenging situations and achieve a positive outcome during a critical incident.

CWG will provide your team with the tactics and principles to protect themselves, the public and other staff members during low frequency, high risk incidents.

Our Basic Principles

CWG strives for perfection in everything we do.

Our team works with integrity, respect and responsibility to you.

We continually pursue solutions to all types of situations and concerns that you face. We meet these challenges with you as a partner to make the workplace safer, while training your employees to make quick, decisive and responsible decisions.

The question we consider most important is “How can I help”.

We look forward to tailoring training for your team